Kindergarten Program

We offer a program built on a child’s natural sense of wonder, where your child will discover the joy of learning.

Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten is a place for children to nurture their love of learning and their ability to get along with others. Our kindergarten supports your child’s physical, emotional and intellectual growth and paves the way for a successful transition to elementary school.

Low teacher-student ratios enable us to individualize teaching and to coach students.

Our Kindergarten Program

  • Our full-day Kindergarten program is taught by Certified Teachers who follow the Washington State Common Core Standards. Students receive six hours of classroom instruction daily.
  • Offers curriculum which includes science, social studies, drama, Mandarin, music, art, computers, and physical education
  • Has a low child to teacher ratios offering children more individualized instruction and better preparation for first grade
  • Also includes before and after-school care.

We approach reading by incorporating phonics, literature, and oral and written instruction into a meaningful context. Our reading program guides students through important skills and strategies as they build knowledge so that reading and writing become basic parts of the kindergarten day. We use Rigby’s Literacy by Design, a researched-based program for emerging and developing readers.

Our math curriculum encourages students to think creatively, develop their own problem-solving strategies and work cooperatively with their classmates. Games reinforce students’ understanding of key mathematical concepts and skills.

We personalize the math program to meet each child’s needs at the individual level. Children who are ready for advanced concepts receive instruction that continues to develop their skills.

Students are exposed to a variety of scientific materials and concepts. We focus on life science, earth science, and physical science. The curriculum uses a hands-on approach to engage the student in each lesson.

Mandarin instruction is taught twice a week. Classes teach vocabulary, conversation, games, and songs using fun methods that foster an appreciation for many cultures and an ear for new sounds.

To help develop a sense of community, we study concepts central to children’s lives such as families, neighborhoods and the many ways each child is a vital part of his or her community. Children learn differences and similarities between other peoples’ culture and their own.

It has been shown that children who are socially competent manage their feelings appropriately, have more consideration for others, cooperation, and even show some success solving problems. We use the Committee for Children’s Kindergarten Second Step program, which teaches skills in empathy, emotion management, impulse control, emotion regulation, anger management, and social problem-solving.

During physical education and recess, children have fun while honing their coordination and physical skills. They learn the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship in kindergarten is as simple and as important as taking turns and recognizing others during a game.

In addition, our curriculum features dramatic play, computer science and creative arts.

  • Low teacher-child ratio
  • True full-day program
  • Kids learn to manage emotions and impulses, empathy, and sportsmanship
  • All inclusive, high quality program: meals, snacks, supplies, before-after school care
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