Frequently Asked Questions

What do families like most about Newport Children's School facility?
Kids like the covered outdoor play areas that get children outside even on rainy days. Our outdoor playgrounds were thoughtfully designed for kids of all ages. There are big play toys for climbing and sliding and sandboxes that give children many choices on where to play and explore.

The inside of our classrooms have a very open-air feel, with appropriately sized furniture for the different age groups. Even the sinks and bathrooms are built just for young children making your child feel comfortable and capable in his or her school surroundings.

Parents also like our location with easy access to I-90 and I-405, they can easily drop-off kids and conveniently get to/from our school to work or home.

At what age can children enroll at Newport Children's School?
Children one year and older can attend full or part-time through the kindergarten. Students can continue on in our before & after school care through the fifth grade.
Are meals included in the tuition?
Yes. As a convenience for parents, lunch plus three snacks are provided for full-day students. Part-time students receive lunch plus one snack. We serve nutritious foods that kids love.
What are your student/teacher ratios?
Our teacher to child ratio for our one year olds is 1 to 6 and for our two year olds is 1 to 7. For preschool our ratio is 1 to 10, and for kindergarten the ratio is 1 to 15. We can provide excellent care by having superior teachers, quality supplies, a first-rate facility and professional support and supervision.
What about staff turnover?

Our school’s most important assets are the teachers who work with your children. We work very hard to keep them happy. Our wages, benefits and work environment are at the top of the childcare industry. We treat our teachers as professionals and our turnover is low. 

What do parents with children in public elementary schools say they like best about your before & after school care for K-5 students?
Parents like the convenience of our private bus transportation to and from our neighborhood schools. Afternoon van service is also provided from Newport Heights to our school. There is no additional charge for transportation to or from these public schools.
Which elementary schools do the children in your before/after school program attend?
Puesta de Sol Elementary, Somerset Elementary, Jing Mei, Eastgate and Newport Heights Elementary (after school only).
Do I need an appointment to visit my child at the school?
Our school observes an open door policy. We ask that you schedule an appointment with our directors to tour our school.
How do you determine snow day schedules?

We work hard to stay open. In case of inclement weather, check online for school closure information

Do you close for vacations or school training days?
The only days we close are the six national holidays of New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Many other preschools are closed for: winter vacation, spring vacation, teacher workshops, teacher conferences, and minor holidays.
What’s your discipline policy?
Our teachers guide the class interactions so that each child learns the value of cooperation and gains skill in solving conflicts in a positive manner. We use our best professional judgment when implementing necessary supervision and classroom management. We stress positive reinforcement and implement logical consequences for misbehavior. Negative and/or disruptive behavior that persists will be discussed with the parents and a joint plan of action will be taken. Corporal punishment is not used.
How do I prepare my child for the first day of school?
Try to visit with your child before his or her first day. Point out activities, toys or games that you as a parent know your child will find especially appealing. If possible have your child introduced to the teacher. In advance of your child’s first day tell your child you will be leaving and that his or her teacher will take care of him or her while you are away. Let your children know that you are looking forward to hearing about what they did and the fun they had while they were at school.
How do you recommend a parent leave their child at school?
Children do best with a predictable routine. Bring your child into the classroom and say hello to the teacher. The teacher will give you and your child a friendly greeting. If you have time it can be helpful to help your child get settled in to an activity. Sometimes a very young child has an easier transition with the help of a “lovey” from home such as a stuffed animal or special blanket. Say goodbye and perhaps some special words of encouragement, wave and maybe blow a kiss and then go. Once you say goodbye do leave right away. Parting is usually made more difficult for the child if the parent leaves and then returns. If your child cries as you leave allow the teacher to provide comfort. When you get to your destination you can always call and find out how your child is doing.
Do you include a curriculum in your toddler or preschool programs?
Beginning in our toddler classes, children receive age-appropriate instruction. See our program section for a description of our curriculum.
What are your operating hours?

We’re open from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday, every week of the year, January through December.

What about snow day schedules?

 We work hard to stay open. However, if we should have to close, we notify King 5 News as soon as possible and will also text all parents individually. In the case of an emergency during the school day (i.e. power outages, etc…) we will contact you through via text. Please keep all contact information current and up to date.

Do you have a kindergarten on site?
Yes, our full day kindergarten has all the conveniences of our location as well as experienced, certified teachers, a low teacher/student ratio, and an innovative curriculum.